Acid Reflux Sore Throat - Pay Your Attention Here to Relieve Your Sore Throat

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Are you suffering from acid reflux and sore throat and feeling unwell with the burning sensation in your throat? It is vital that you know what causes, so that you can prevent yourself from getting acid reflux in the first place. It happens when acid leaks from your esophagus and stick with your throat. If you are having these types of situations, then you will need to pay attention to this article. After reading this article, you can learn why you are consistently having painful throat and what to do for treating this disorder.

Acid reflux and sore throat is due to the consistent flow of belly acid in the esophagus. Usually stomach acid would not run upwards towards the throat. But due to the weaken lower esophageal sphincter, partly digested foods having traces of belly acid to run toward your mouth from the way of alimentary canal thus results in sore throat. But don't worry; you can handle this condition with these straightforward steps:

1. Gargling with salted warm water is a good path to begin your day if you wish to cure acid reflux sore throat.

2. Add some honey in your tea for calming your throat is also recognized to provide release from throat pain and irritation.

3. Drinking plenty of water also gives you relief from acid reflux sore throat discomfort.

4. Correct sleep posture, elevated head with the upper half of your body helps in keeping the stomach acid inside and not enters the esophagus. Don't keep your mouth open for long time to avoid dry throat.

5. Taking enough rest by sleeping few additional hours will also assist in faster healing.

6. For a long lasting result, you should take an appropriate diet recommended for reflux that will not aggravate the condition in future.

It isn't very tough to beating acid reflux sore throat after you work on above 6 simple ways. Now go apply these tips and you can get relief from burning sensation and irritation in your throat!

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Acid Reflux Sore Throat - Pay Your Attention Here to Relieve Your Sore Throat

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This article was published on 2010/03/30